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Ready To Fly

This song is by Drentch.

I'm longing to be changed
To feel you close by
I'm ready for a change
A new chance at life
I'm sick of all this pain
Offered in this life
When heaven is my home
I'll be free
I'll be free to fly

I feel like I'm alive
And I'm ready to fly
To reach out and
Touch the sky
I'm ready
I'm ready

When I see your smile
Feel your warm embrace
I'd give anything
For just one taste
To feel this
Love I've found
The truth within this maze
When I feel your touch
I'll be free
I'l be free to fly

Is this for real
The way I feel
How can this be
How can this be
I want to be closer
Closer to you
Where I find peace
Where I find peace

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