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Take What The Heavens Create

This song is by Dreamtale and appears on the album Phoenix (2008).

Step Outside
Let us ride
Without peering to the storm
You've been out of place and time
Since the day when you were born

You're forced into the wheel
The souless wheel you cannot seal
Now let me be the one to guide you
Far from that light

To lie in happiness is sin
Wasting what you have and what you could
Now the storms coming
Well, let's go face the rain.

Just let it now
I'm gonna be here
I've got the answers
Nothing to fear
I can take what the heavens create
I've got my own beliefs I don't need yours

I'm gonna stay the course

Let's sing
And pray
In the name of the storm
It's all the same
In the name of the kingdom
Where you and I were born

Suddenly the clouds appear
The color's shades are green
Bolts of lightning right beside me
And everythings so real

I'm gonna stay the course

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