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Only Memories Remain

This song is by Dreamshade and appears on the album What Silence Hides (2011).

And here we are: face to face,

Telling ourselves what our story has always been

Looking in our eyes we can see our world drawn into dust,

A quiet place where we used to go,
When we used to be tied

Why should we look to the clock,

And then discover that time consumes our lives?

We're here again where the sun hits the sea

And the wind caresses the sand,
We're taking an oath that we'll forever carry with us

You'll never be alone,

And if you'll fall I'll fight for you
'Cause hearts like ours can never be broken

We have faced battles,

We have shown the world the strength of our bond
With honest loyalty

We'll show the world what we are made of

The frozen time will preserve our souls, together

And when all the promises will be broken,

When darkness and solitude will oppress you,
I'll be the only one still standing

Honoring our blood pact

'Cause hearts like ours can never be broken

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