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​Alone - Panterei Part I

This song is by Dreamscape and appears on the album Very (1999).

A crown of throne replaced my heart
Ever since we've been apart
She tried to turn the world around
Spread your wings
You're crossing the tide
Just like a morning dove
Angels flying high
I'm so alone again
Waters calling her tonight
Mystic circles will subside
Diving waves of eternity
Like a bird
Across the sea
Until the break of dawn
My passenger of time
Enslave my heart
I'm out of touch tonight
Emotions of the dark
She held him in her arms
It's so unreal
She files away
Her heart's been broken once before
Rescue me, fly to the shore
I've done all that one man can do
I'm wide awake
She drift away
Just like a morning dove
Angels flying high
They'll never reach the shore