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True Emotions

This song is by Dreamer.

I've got so much anger and tension
not to mention frustration
built up it aint even funny
all I can think of is running
but I know that I shouldn't
and just face it like a man
but man you wouldn't understand if you aint been there
and on the other hand
you probobly don't even care
whats goin on in my life
sometimes I just feel like grabbin a gun or a knife
and showin all these mother fuckers how I feel inside
but damn it I can't
but I can rant in rage
as I look back on all the shit in my life
that I know I can't change
or even make up for all the mistakes that I've made
all I can do is keep pushin until its my time to go
and in the heat of the moment
I'm letting you know why
I show no remourse or regret in my true emotions.

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