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This song is by Dreamer.

I'm 10 feet tall and bulletproof sick
So when you see me walkin' up on you grabbin my dick
You better duck out like a code red alert
'Cause I'm comin' right at ya
And if I catch ya I'm gonna snatch ya up
And drop your bitch ass in the dirt
I come to school ya like an elementary school teacher
And when I'm poppin' off rhymes
I'm as good as a preacher
I'll show you right from wrong
But I'll tell ya right here
I'm gonna chose the wrong
Just like I'm gonna chose the bong over sobriety
I be the leader of all this chaos and rioting
For legalization of the organic organization of growin' my crop
You could raid my shit with a S.W.A.T. team
And I still wouldn't stop
'Cause I gotta dream that one day I'll gleam on stage
With the illest of em
And I'm committed to that
And if anybody ever got in my way I'd bust em
And put 'em in intensive care
And leave 'em in extensive care
With a full body cast and knee braces
Then I'd be on my way
In my air force ones with baby blue laces.

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