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The End Of Your Suicide

This song is by Dreamaker and appears on the album Enclosed (2005).

Music: Elisa C.Martin, Albert Maroto
Lyrics: Elisa C.Martin

Silence is clouding your fat will decide your death
You're crying and dying alone
Deciding... to live or not

Flames burning in your mind
A hell you like to hide
The show will be the end of your suicide
Another path you'll find
To escape this rite inside

World full of gods
-Today I don't know you-
Now, you can't smile
-But it doesn't matter-

Emotions... your emotions are lost
Passion... passion is gone!
All the world is moving so fast
And your dreams are still in the past

Oh! Can you hear the call
Offering you my soul?
Please now, believe in me
Don't left yourselve down
The moon is high on you
The light is breaking through
A whisper in the air
Reminding that you were born

"Still I feel so lost...
I've got nothing left to say
Just take me away"

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