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This song is by Dream Evil and appears on the album Evilized (2003) and on the live album Gold Medal In Metal (2008).

It seems like I'm trapped in my own dreams
It feels like the walls are caving in
When I close my eyes and start to fall asleep
Something evil and dark takes over me
I never feel safe to dream, I won't close my eyes and sleep
I fear that the dreams I dream are real

You need me so trust me, I make you feel free
You're under my spell now, so welcome to hell

It's getting hotter, feel how the flames are growing
Surrounded by fire, you're inside my evil dream, my friend

Inside this dream, all is painted black
Hundreds of doors but there's no way back
The road that I'm on, never seems to end
A sinister feeling closing in

So now you are trapped inside this dream
Only the walls can hear you scream
You can't close your eyes when you're falling down
Your heartbeat has stopped, your soul is mine

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