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The Search

This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Reaching The Golden Gates (1999).

I've been searchin', to release my feelings,
I've been trying, but there's rust in my being.
In the night, awakened by my own screams!
Something's missing, can't you see the state I'm in?
Trying to recall the events that made me so special ain't easy
Memories in a labyrinth,
(It's) not easy to find the passage back.

The search

Sometimes I feel, that I'm lost in a dream!
Sometimes I kneel, so heavy are my tears.
It's a circle, that never ends, it's a nonsense.
It's a story, that no one here can understand.

The search goes on and on
Tell me what went wrong
Never answered questions
The search goes on and on
Deliverance hasn't shown
To end my own destruction!

Voices in my head screaming in madness
They will never stop they're here to possess.
Good and evil fighting in my body
Leaving me defeated they've shown their fury!

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