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Reign Is Grumbling

This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Torn Between Two Worlds (1996).

Come from the skies,
Humans cannot see.
Some kind of spy,
Analysing things;
For millions of year,
I watch the situation,
With no bad intentions,
I see what's going on.
I don't want to guide you or to help you.
I could, but you're not wise enough...

You've inherited,
Of a real paradise,
You twisted it,
In a world of cries!
Using science,
In some horrifying ways,
Always turning, The right things to

Your fall is coming,
But you turn your back,
On thruth, of the event I see.

The fire, the water, the stone,
Will fall all over you!
But you don't seem to realize;
Oh no, your reign is
You send machines,
And men to stars.
But maybe the future,
Will bring stellar wars.
You want to conquer some new
As if you that the earth was
You want to rule the universe,
To me, it makes no sense.

You think you're powerful,
I feel you're power fools.
You want to be the biggest,
Soon you'll be the bleedest!
Wake up! Still time to change.
And build prace again.
Do it! While you still have, all the
I've warned but still Ican't help you.
I could but you're not wise enough.

(Chorus two times)

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