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No More Darkness

This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Torn Between Two Worlds (1996).

[A:] Waving to the light
[B]: No more darkness
(Dedicated to Carl ALBER and Criss OLIVA)
And then I woke up,
Put on this dimension so new
That understanding cannot explain.
I have to find a pure way,
To reach my new existence.
And I have to born again.
Sure, the road is long!
But I have to succeed,
In erasing my past tragedies,
Ghosts of the past won't rise again,
And I'm the one to win this fight!
Enlightning my soul,
Forever and ever.

A real force is rising in me,
In this time warped "carroussel"...

Tears in my eyes won't fall down
These days of darkness won't
Come back again,
Dreams in my soul now can live
These days of darkness won't come
Back again!

I remind,
The message was clear,
Twisted things of the past,
I understand now.
It's not a mind puzzle anymore, and
I feel revitalized,
I'm a new entity,
Free for ever and ever...

New sounds invite me,
For an astral ballet...

A real force, have risen in me
In this time warped "carrousel"...

(Chorus two times)

Tears won't fall down again,
Dreams can now live forever...

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