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​Heavy Dance Of Chaos

This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Torn Between Two Worlds (1996).

Looking at the road we paved,
I try to think how good will be our way.
The future is not,
What it used to be.
And we just say goodbye to the past.
Ve've travelled the times, in search of
The answers.
And still we hang around
Like dog without a bone...
The times are here,
The call is near,
It's time to choose, to do,
Or die!
The chaos sings a melody,
And they sing along...
They stand to fall, in a dance
Of madness.
Enslaved to the rhythm...
They stand to fall!
Driven by the song!
They stand to fall!
Chained by this sound!
The chaos sings a melody,
Until we end, its song!