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​Eternal Flight

This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Torn Between Two Worlds (1996).

The future of earth has ceased
To exist, To exist.
Destruction has come, we're on the
Judgement day, the judgement day.
Based in our starship we watch the
Disaster, The disaster.
Sons of the earth there'll be no morning
After, Morning after.
We stand alone, you know,
There's no return, return, return!

Like children of the stars,
We carry on, to the unknown.
A journey whithout end,
What will future send?

We must avoid the panic in ourselves,
The moral must kept high!
To find a place in this vast universe,
Unknown worlds to be seen!
We'll reach for the sky at the
Speed of light,
Faster and faster we go!
As a phoenix we'll be kissing the sky,
Higher and higher!

Eternal flight!
When we will reach the end, now
Eternal flight!
Can someone tell us where's our aim!?

We have escaped, the prophecy.
Was it our destiny?
We'll never surrender,
We'll overcome this nightmare!
We're stellar riders,
Travelling to nowhere!

Ooh, Yeah!
(Chorus, two times)

Can someone tell us?