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This song is by Dream Child and appears on the album Reaching The Golden Gates (1999).

You say that time will work for us,
But you don't take the time to work for us.
You say that time is making changes.
But you don't make the changes right in time!
(You say that)
"Time will hold the answers"
But we don't wanna waste a life time.
"Time will hold the answers"
Give us back our precious time.

Act now before it is too late,
Or my patience will turn to hate.
Too many times, too many things you forget,
We don't wanna live a life full of regrets
This is the time don't hesitate!

You are sinking into the quicksands of time,
It's too late for you as I write this rhythme.

Future is now and we don't want to lose eternally
We pave the road, answers are written on this very ground.

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