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This song is by Dream Atlantic.

Attack, Attack
They're scaling the walls
And soon this fortress will fall.
We've got to take aim on evil ones.

The intruders have their own mission
But we have to maintain
The depth and the breadth in which I relate to
Defending the structure that gives us the refuge
And shelter and solace that is so imperative
So imperative

The Horizon's fallen
Hey hey what's in front of you
Mistaken Point of view
Hey hey what's it mean to you
A softer Trade-off
From the comfort felt from you
Who knew

Gone from the weak grasp of man
With a gun cocked in his hand
Who knew, one dance could prove
One dance could prove

One time, I have felt myself a victim
And two times, I have gambled with my life
With reason, inviting the trifecta
We gotta, We gotta, We gotta
Take aim and fire
A call to cast
Evil Ones
And take aim and fire

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