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Hollow One

This song is by Dream Atlantic.

I feel these cold shivers
Taking a hold of me.
And come crashing
At your feet
Can you feel this hollow world
This hollow world

The party's over, I'm leaving here without you
Seems there's more out there for this life
So call me sober, from time to time I change my views
At this point I'm seeing clearly

You know you're right, when you walk inside
Cold look in your eye, perfect design
For the perfect crime
And I welcome you to the worst scenario
It's played out right, it's played you right

We're tired and willing, to do just about anything we can
To survive

As the clouds gather ?round, and rage into me
Calm these nerves, calm the world
And this moment I am stranded at the bottom of the see
Where's the sun pulls me up
Pulls Me up
It pulls me, up!

It grips us so tight we're fleeing its power
Can you feel this hollow world
Come crashing at your feet
Cold shivers taking a hold of me

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