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Generation Y

This song is by Dream Atlantic.

Leave it to us

Leave it to us to change what was given
Forego status, to embrace the information
We've been bread without a censored fiber
Raised in moral shadows
Found equality in nature
Fix the missing link, to our hearts

Shall we carry, on to what's real
Shall we carry on
This place is ours
We'll trade our hopes for lies

We've walked the same cobble streets as those before us
We've crossed the lines of judgment that isolate us

Just take it back, take it back
Stowe it away
The inequality of our nature
Loose fit, inside a broken frame

This place is ours, Leave it to us
This place is ours, so leave it to us

Before we leave this place of ours
We'll trade our hopes for lies, lies

We started out just fine but we're gonna have to stop
We'll trade hopes in exchange for lies

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