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Our Prayer (Interlude)

This song is by Dream and appears on the album It Was All a Dream (2001).


Melissa: Dear heavenly father:
I come to you today
Humble as I know how.

Ashley: I praise you and lift your name up
I know its only
Because of you that I made it this far.

Holly: I look at my life knowing that my days are precious
And that nothing is forever.

Diana: As I move forward on this journey
I learn to take what I need and keep moving

Melissa: I realize that my talents are a gift from you
And that what I do with them is my gift back to you

Ashley: I want to give back to you
And I know sometimes I go astray
But I'll all ways come back to you

Holly: because I love you
Diana: because I love you
Melissa:because I love you
Ashley: because I love you
Diana: In your precious name we pray
Group: "amen"

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