Dreadlock Pussy:Still Close Enough Lyrics

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Still Close Enough

This song is by Dreadlock Pussy and appears on the album Middles (2001).

hey babes what's your name have you been here before?
isn't this place lame want to go somewhere on our own.
you seem so different from the rest I want to talk to you.
so let's meet up fast yeah that would be cool.

I always understand I, I am really nice
I use this front all the time when I go online but
I would like to cut you where it hurts I crave the places you reserve
For the ones you love but I'll teach you to hate
I will do it some more reality is such a chore but
here I'm unaccounted for and you were such an easy score

don't go offline give me your number
I'll call you some time figure out where you're at
if it's close enough it will be the last thing you'll regret

I I'm one of those guys I would never ever lie
or at least that's what you'd like to believe right but
I might be a psycho and I might be a perv
and I'm out so you better spread the word
I'll fuck with your head 'til you tell me to go to hell

don't go offline give me your number
I'll call you some time figure out where you lie
if it's close enough that will be the last that will be night night

be very scared you stupid little fool
now you don't want me to be close enough to you

your mind is mine to control and play around with
your mind is mine and mine alone

rip your heart open slit you from toe to head
taste you from the inside out I want you so bad

digitally yours

night night