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This song is by Dreadlock Pussy and appears on the album Tsumi (2002).

(Laughing at you)

I try to do what's expected
I try to do always apologetic
Making excuses for myself
Even when I'm in the clear
I didn't expect to find myself here

And when I'm made
And when I'm your chocolate whore
And when I need life like before
And when I'm made,
And when I'm your whore (YOUR WHORE)
Give out to me some

I don't belief it and I can't
Won't accept that I failed
And after all I've done for you
Ungrateful brat!

I tried to do what's effective
I tried to do always I will regret
I can't say hold you dear
Without lying to myself
But together we must sell

This is for you
Here's the truth
You don't deserve me or my fucking kindness
You swallow idiot
And to think I gave you what I needed
I hope you choke in it


(Laughing at you)

But what's the use
If nothing I say gets through to you?
What's the use?
Nothing will do...