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This song is by Dreadlock Pussy and appears on the album Sharp Instead (1999).

Is this justice or is it wrong? I got right back what I gave you
Revenge or not took too long and now everything is lost
There is so much left in me to give but I give up

I want to hate want to break
Fade away I want to make it up

Miss this but shit like that don't come by twice so I break it
All off when I really need could be sweet can't you see this
In my eyes can't make you love me again but I'll try

I want to get back where it started I need to move on but I'm
Too brokenhearted I need to stop crying but I can't I want to
Stop dying but I can't stop what I started

Don't stay just walk away but you got me glued right here so
Myself I hate for letting this slip away is it fate? some like
To think so but that thought I cannot take

And everything reminds me of you
And everything's a bright shiny blue

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