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100 Stories

This song is by Dreadlock Pussy and appears on the album Sharp Instead (1999) and on the album Middles (2001).

I reglue the broken bones of my soul after yet
Another 100 story fall
This skyscraper you've thrown me from has proven
To be unusually
Tall it's not as if I haven't been there before I mend
My wounds with
Professional ease but the cut heals less every time
It's so real it's

So alive I'm sure you're very sorry about all this
And I know that you never inteded it to

Be this way but I'm the one who got nothing
Again I'm the one who you left for dead
And it's all your fault. bitch.

Falling again retracing again investigating where it
All went down heard
Them all and calmed the nerves but at the end of
The day I got jerked
I got nothing again 100 stories tall
I'm falling again 100 stories long

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