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New Day

This song is by Dreadful Shadows and appears on the album The Cycle (1999).

I walk along the mantus path.
It's the same as yesturday.
Nothing's changed and nothing's evolved anywhere.

Too many voices call your name.
My own is much to weak.
To be heard,
to be felt.

And Drawn, drawn to never fall
Disollved, defenceless.

All the flowers are withered.
and everything has turned to grey.
Rain can wash away my tears.

Into the deepest marsh i fall.
My struggle only helps.
To force my suffocation.

And Drawn, drawn to never fall
Disollved, defenceless.

And i saw you fall the last time,
Your eyes so cold and dumb.
Why can't you stay with me forever?
Why did you have to go?

Are you away to much to force,
your scars will never heal.
I never knew how much i love you.

Why? Redem, can i cry?
The sun, never shine on you again.
Consume your life today.
Just consume your life today.
Today, much today.

And Drawn, drawn to never fall
Disollved, defenceless. (x3)

Written by:

Dreadful Shadows, Sven Friedrich

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