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This song is by Drapht and appears on the album Brothers Grimm (2008).

One, two. Huh.
Man, I hold a vision of the life I'll be living.
If I played a little different,
Maybe I'd make a difference,
Maybe I'd make a million, some children.
Maybe be another face working in the building.
Building a future for a family, so I could get divorced
'Cause nah, no woman could handle me forever.
Couldn't stay together for life.
Too many broken homes, 'cause people just settle for knives.
A level of life that we feed.
The Devil's disguised a TV whispering, "You need me."
And we're knee-deep living in this shit
And we breathe every bit and we bleed every drip of blood.
For what reason? For Jesus? Who last seen him?
Yo, I believe, but he's like Houdini
And my beliefs are a sinners a belemic.
A fiend, I'm a phoenix.
Feeding off of this sunset,
But everyone's got problems that they will run rest
To get away from.
Like when I got something to say, man, I say it wrong.
Won't just simply go away if you wave a wand.
The day is long the nights get cold
And the whole world will still revolve on it's axis.
The day is long the nights get cold
'Cause the whole world's controlled by actors.

Nowadays the all got game, all my fans, they all complain.
(On the real.)
Nowadays the all got game, all my fans, they all complain.
(I represent.)
Nowadays the all got game, all my fans, they all complain.
(On the real.)
Nowadays they all want fame.
(I represent the just blast, I represent the planet.)

I hold a key passed to me by my elders.
Sword-swingers and kings of the axe like Elvis.
Eldest male in this offspring,
The kid felt lost in school and it ended up costing him
One path to his future life,
Coulda been dragged down hanging with abusive types.
A music life never even came into the picture.
Never though I would spit you a scripture,
Never thought I'd be fit for entertainment,
Fit to be rich and famous like Matt Damon or Rayman,
But Ronan was known to be roaming/Roman like sandals.
Ramble won't flip phatter than Kareem Campbell.
This man or the next man.
Hyper than a handful of dexamphetamine.
I mean a bigger handful than
Seventeen Lebanese chicks on ketamine pill
And they only just turned seventeen, for real!
I'm still the same old person,
Lurking in search for my Elle MacPherson, for real!
I'm still in search for my worth on this Earth
And emerge from the dirt with the vermin.
I'm still determined and serving none.
Won't be part of your games like Colonel Klump,
But jump ship, front-flipping, diving into the water.
Opening the treasure chest, there's one thing I'm short of.

Thump the floor, juggernaut, walking the path.
Don't feel, love a war if you're born short of a heart.
Like jaws of a shark, it takes a chunk out of your life.
Like war in Iraq, don't even know what you're fighting for.
No warning, just born and die,
Losing hope, feeling cheated more than Warnie's wife.
Lord of the Flies, the end of human flesh.
Surely last meaning is for you to do your best, but how?
No heart, have diminishing pulse,
Disappear without a trace like Pre-Mendes the Holt, right?
Yeah, we swear by religion, it breeds hate.
Getting nowhere fast like cars at a speedway.
Yeah, and what can we do to find an answer?
We're dancing with the devil for the anecdote to cancer.
Phantom of the Opera disappear into the darkness.
The only thing you need to know,
Home is where the heart is.

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