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This song is by Dramarama and appears on the album Cinéma Vérité (1985).

How's it going, how you doing,
Are you feeling good tonight?
Do you mind if I ask questions
Do you think it'd be alright?

Did she tell you we went out once?
Did she say she loved me too?
Did she tell you that I laughed
when I found out she was with you?

Does she make you buy her jewelry?
Does she make you speak in tongues?
Does she tell you about her brother
who's got liquid in his lungs?

Does she buy you clothes for christmas?
Does she teach you to make sense?
Does she let you read her poems
'bout the art of self-defense?

Have you ever seen her cry
or heard her listen to my songs?
Does she ask you to apologize
when you've done nothing wrong?

Does she talk about me?
Does she talk about me?
Does she talk about me?
Does she talk about me?

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