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​To The Future

This song is by Drakkar and appears on the album Razorblade God (2002).

(Leif Erikson, Year 1000:)
I will take my vessel
Far beyond the sea
Unfurl the sail now
For it's time to leave

Heading for a new world
We are conquerors
And we're looking for new shores

Ridin' on the waves of tide
Sailing to the future
Dragonhearts are brave and proud
Won't be taken down!
This is our way of life
We were made for sailing
Wandering on every sea
Faces in the wind

(Cristoforo Colombo, Year 1492:)
Our ships are ready
I can barely wait
Do they think I'm crazy?
I will prove I'm sane

I know we can do it
To the West we go
We will reach the Indian shores

Never will be easy
Not a trip like this
If the fear should take us
Answer with a grin

If we pull together
Like we always did
We can handle everything