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Get A Grip

This song is by Drake Bell.

It was 2 am on a two way street
In the middle of manhattan
I've been walkin' around since the sun went down
Just waitin for something to happen...
And I wish I could
Make the world move a little faster
I'm not sure how much longer I can last here

I Know it's me whos got to change the moment
Life goes on
I guess I think I've always known it
It might not be tonight, tomorrow, or the next day
But everything is gonna be okay...

I remember a time
I'm thinkin' it's all fine
The cup was overflowing
Didn't occur to me that eventully
You would need me if I didn't want it
I've been searching for something I finally care about
It's not working I'm still alone and standing here

Gotta get a grip
Gotta deal w/ it
Gotta find some way to live without you
Forget the past
And get a grasp
'Cause my lifes not about you anymore

Some of the lyrics might not be right 'cause it was hard to hear over all the screaming and stuff

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