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Teach You A Lesson (Remix)

This song is by Drake.

Man, you so crucial baby and that champagne so fuchsia baby
I do things that you ain't used to baby
And take you back home to St. Lucia baby
My raindrops hit the tan roof it's crazy,
That's a metaphor did I lose you baby?

When you are wet
And covered in sweat
I wipe ya ass down like Boosie baby

I love all my feed back
Tell me to give it to you if you need that
Touch right there whatever the speed's at
If it's over fast then I promise you a relapse

Forget what you guessin? I'm on
And who was in yo past
I'm a freshly grown
Just charge that cell that I message you on
And if you the lettuce girl Ima bring the dressing along

You hear that professional tone?

Half of that's ice and the rest petrone
Show up on time for the class I'm teachin
'Cause guaranteed Ima bring a lesson along

An you just gotta bring yo breastes along
Instead of holdin' out wonderin what it could've been
I confess this address to you and
I'm the postman lookin' for a slot I can put it in

With no NY number
Mom's still upstairs I'm two floors under
But my room's soundproof
You so tempted
To satisfy ya urge so that you don't wonder (yeah)

I know I told ya before
I'll grab that fo ya like holdin' tha door
Cause? mines is Polo and yours is Vicky
And they just spread all over the floor, like

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