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Deuces Remix

This song is by Drake.

Wat you mean I ain't call u, I hit you when I landed
I'm waitin in my hotel room,
Seems like we are arguing more it's getting less romantic
I think shell be able to tell soon,
Yeah I fuck you right I will, I fuck you right I will
I fuck you like no one has eva eva made you feel
I mean its part of our relationship amazing still
I might just put up with the arguing and stay for real
U lookin' bad, gurl for goodness sake
U with all those curves nd me without no breaks
Ooh... I'm willin' to work it out how ever long it takes you

You feel like you miss those happy days well that makes twooo of us...
Our timing is wrong, yo frens always tieing up every line on yo phone yeah
But tell dem niggas that you'll always be my misses
Nd da hardest part about dis fuc*** bissness is mindin your own
Nd every time I try and break it off... we just yell until we are tired nd then I break you off
Wats all dis fightn for let's get pass it now...
Even wen I throw dem deuces you just sendem back around

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