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The Return To The Ivory Plains

This song is by Dragonland and appears on the album Holy War (2002).

The dawn draws near as we break our Camp
Wiping the dew from my hair
Gripping the hilt of the sword on my hip
Trying to brace myself

Will we break and fall apart?
No, we will crush the hordes once and For all
Will we stand victorious?
Yes, we shall win this war in the name of Light

The view before me seems familiar Somehow
But the memories aren't mine
Thousands and thousands of feet, the ground's shaking
The fate of all will be decided, the charge begins

The dwarven berserkers charge the horde
Elves cover their backs with arrows
Our steelclad horsemen keep striking the Flanks
It seems we're gonna win

Heads are rolling on the plains
This time we'll end the threat of the Orcish march
The Ivory plains are drenched in blood
Screams of the dying sends shivers down My spine

The view before me seems familiar Somehow
Are these memories really Mine?
Thrust and then parry, endless The battle seems
Then finally they're pulling back

For a brief moment all is calm
I give the signal for the hunt to begin
No one of them must survive, stay alive
They will die in the name of light

The view before me is so unfamiliar
It doesn't match my memories
Thousands and thousands of bodies Lay still
Now we will teach the Dark Lord to feel fear

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