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The Battle of the Ivory Plains (2001)Edit

Dragonland - The Battle of the Ivory Plains

The Battle of the Ivory Plains

  1. Dragondawn
  2. Storming Across Heaven
  3. A Last Farewell
  4. Ride for Glory
  5. The Orcish March
  6. The Battle of the Ivory Plains
  7. Graveheart
  8. Rondo A'la Turca (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wikipedia16 cover)
  9. A Secret Unveiled
  10. World's End
  11. Dragondusk
  12. A New Dawn (2014 re-release bonus track)
  • Japanese version includes demo version bonus tracks of 2000 EP.

Holy War (2002)Edit

Dragonland - Holy War

Holy War

  1. Hundred Years Have Passed
  2. Majesty of the Mithril Mountains
  3. Through Elven Woods and Dwarven Mines
  4. Holy War
  5. Calm Before the Storm
  6. The Return to the Ivory Plains
  7. Forever Walking Alone
  8. Blazing Hate
  9. A Thousand Points of Light
  10. One With All
Japanese Bonus Tracks
  1. Neverending Story (cover of "Never Ending Story" by Limahl)
  2. Allemande (Johann Sebastian Bach Wikipedia16 cover)

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Starfall (2004)Edit

Dragonland - Starfall


  1. As Madness Took Me
  2. Starfall
  3. Calling My Name
  4. In Perfect Harmony
  5. The Dream Seeker
  6. The Shores of Our Land
  7. The Returning
  8. To the End of the World
  9. The Book of Shadows Part I: A Story Yet Untold
  10. The Book of Shadows Part II: The Curse of Qa'a
  11. The Book of Shadows Part III: The Glendora Outbreak
Japanese Bonus Tracks
  1. Rusty Nail (cover of "Rusty Nail" by X Japan)
  2. Sole Survivor (cover of "Sole Survivor" by Helloween)
Korean Bonus Track
  1. Illusion

Astronomy (2006)Edit

Dragonland - Astronomy


  1. Supernova
  2. Cassiopeia (featuring Elize Ryd and Marios Ilipoulos)
  3. Contact
  4. Astronomy (featuring Jake E)
  5. Antimatter (featuring Jimmie Strimell)
  6. The Book of Shadows Part IV: The Scrolls of Geometria Divina
  7. Beethoven's Nightmare
  8. Too Late for Sorrow (featuring Elize Ryd and Jake E)
  9. Direction: Perfection (featuring Jimmie Strimell)
  10. The Old House on the Hill Chapter I: A Death in the Family
  11. The Old House on the Hill Chapter II: The Thing in the Cellar
  12. The Old House on the Hill Chapter III: The Ring of Edward Waldon
Japanese Bonus Tracks
  1. Intuition (cover of "Intuition" by TNT)
  2. The Last Word

Under the Grey Banner (2011)Edit

Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner

Under the Grey Banner

  1. Ilmarion
  2. The Shadow of the Mithril Mountains (featuring Anna Mariann Lundberg)
  3. The Tempest
  4. A Thousand Towers White
  5. Fire and Brimstone (featuring Fred Johanson)
  6. The Black Mare
  7. Lady of Goldenwood (featuring Elize Ryd and Anna Mariann Lundberg)
  8. Dûrnir's Forge (featuring Fred Johansson)
  9. The Trials of Mount Farnor
  10. Throne of Bones (featuring Fred Johanson)
  11. Under the Grey Banner (featuring Elize Ryd, Jake E, Andreas Solveström, Fred Johanson and Anna Mariann Lundberg)
  12. Ivory Shores (featuring Anna Mariann Lundberg)
  13. At the Inn of Éamon Bayle (Japanese version Bonus Track)

Additional information

Years active:

1999 - present

Band members:

  • Jonas Heidgert - vocals
  • Olof Mörck - lead guitar (2000-)
  • Nicklas Magnusson - rhythm guitar
  • Elias Holmlid - keyboards (2000-)
  • Jesse Lindskog - drums (2002-)
  • Christer Pederson - bass

Former members:

  • Daniel Kvist - Guitar (1999-2000)
  • Magnus Olin - Drums (1999)
  • Robert Willstedt - Drums (2002)
  • Anders Hammer - Bass Guitar

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