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Gallery of Void

This song is by Dragon and appears on the album Scream of Death (1991).

Trembling in pain
You're suffering
Heavy rattle
Asphalt is burning
Your feet sinking
In the dark

Streaming blood
You're dying
And you know it well
'Black spots are whirling
The painis gone
The clock is ticking back
Faster and faster'

The void - engulfs
The light - is fading
The clouds - fall down
The cold - is freezing
The kingdom of ice

You must watch
The doom
The fall
Into whiteness

Ice in your eyes
In your dead mouth
In every part
Of your body

Music by:

Adrian Frelich, Drzegorz Mroczek, Jaroslav Gronowski, Krystian Bytom, Tomasz Dziubinski

Lyrics by:

Jaroslav Gronowski, Tomasz Dziubinski

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