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Cauda Draconis

This song is by Draconian and appears on the album The Closed Eyes Of Paradise (1999).

In Pandemonium the rebellious counsel aligned
As the great dragon arrives from beyond the magical abyss
The eleven-pointed star rises for the sake... Samael speads his wings with enchantment
In front Lucifer stands... with burning passion and a stare in his sad, tortured eyes...
As a gracefallen glare, uncertain of what lies ahead he turns to the daughter of Lilith

For the sake of Apep - for the death of Ra...
For the glory of thine future - for the death of God
Thou art the leader as night our saviour...
On the edge of Heav'n His false love shall die!

I want to look down when He's screaming
When the dark night opens to Kliffoth
Lilith sings with chanting echoes...
I now enter to awake the red beast

The signs are calling to us all...
Soon it's time to fight the battle!

Tail now winding... Cauda Draconis!

O fallen friends, we raise an eternal night
We shall never worship His humans...
The dragon has lifted our minds... (from the start)
Our soul has burn'd by dragonfire
Purified from all holy matters
The flames are infernal...

...And Naamah shall guide us!

Cauda Draconis!

My fire shall burn to light thy way
Fallen stars, soon you'll storm the heav'ns
And the grace o' Lilith weakens the seed of Adam
For the sake of Thee, Seraphim Rebellious!

Oh, demon might... Oh, dragon soul
Moons once lost I see in darkness supreme

Oh, nocturnal queen, your evil eye's I have seen
I've awakened thee... in Lilith... Cauda Draconis!

And myriads of angels... dragons and demons alike
Flew like a dream out from the lovelorn darklands...
And with flaming swords they raged towads the vaults of Heaven
The second rebellion of Lucifer has begun...

Oh... listen to the music in the wind!
'Tis time... 'tis time...!

Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson, June 1997, edited June 1999

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