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Lonely World

This song is by Dr. Sin and appears on the album Dr. Sin (1993).

(Dr. Sin)
Nothin's gonna change
Life won't rearrange
To make things easier on you
It's up to you and me
This time will surely be
It's the only chance we have
There is no escape
We have all been raped
We are crying in the dark
We can light the way
Make a better day
But it can't be done alone
It's a hard life
The price of life is so high
When you're on your own
Better think about it
We can keep the dream alive
If we are strong it's a lonely world
No one hears when you cry
If you're all alone better think about it
We can keep the dream alive
We must be strong in this lonely world
People everywhere
Runnin', stumblin', scared
There's no place for us to hide
We must make a stand
Reach out, take a hand
We are all we have

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