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Time Marches On

This song is by Dr. John, features B.B. King, Willie Nelson and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and appears on the album N'awlinz - Dis Dat Or D'udda (2004).

You know last night about nine 'o' clock
He chewed his tobacco and he jumped in bed
He looked down at me and this is what he said
Time marches on

Now I looked at myself, sometime ago
And I noticed that my wrinkles had begun to show
And now I know, I better take it slow
'Cause time marches on

At nine I used to play me+
A lotta sand light ball
I carried the pig skin when it turned fall
But now I can't, can't even run at all
Time marches on

I used to have some women, tall, fat and short
I used to keep a woman in every port
The Lord knows, they only in my thoughts
Time marches on

And now after all said and done
What good is life without havin' fun
'Cause life is given but only once
Time marches on

Time marches on
You know the young gets old
And the old gets cold
Time marches on

Time marches on
Time marches on
Time marches on
Time marches on
Time marches on

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