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I Thought I Had It Made

This song is by Dr. Feelgood and appears on the album Be Seeing You (1977).

(Lee brilleaux/gypie mayo)

Sitting in a downtown discotheque
Saw a cute little girl that stole my breath away
Line of guys that had the eyes on her
To my surprise she said 'i beg you sir'

I stay
I thought I had it made

Sat at a table for a couple of drinks
Moving closer and she kissed my neck
That's when I knew that I was in with a chance
Records were a playing and she asked for a dance

They played
I thought I had it made

We were a swinging to the moody blues
Looked into my eyes I thought I blew a fuse
Music stopped playing the lights went out
Dropped my drink when I heard them shout

It's a raid
I thought I had it made

Hey everybody take a look at me
Didn't come to until a quarter past three
Got no money couldn't put up the bail
Judge said 'son, I'm gonna keep you in jail.'

I stay
I thought I had it made

Thought I had it
I thought I had it made
(Repeat to fade)

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