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The Car Bomb

This song is by Dr. Dre, features Mel-Man and Charis Henry and appears on the album 2001 (1999).

And now, the car bomb

Mel-Man and Charis Henry:
Yo, Re-Re, come on man, let's get the fuck up out of here, man
(All right baby, all right Speedy, I'm coming, damn)
Took a motherfuckin' hour to get dressed, I told you I was gonna be here over this motherfucker, I wanna be in and out
Now, don't fuck around over here
(And baby, I'm lookin' good, all right, I'm lookin' good)
I'm sayin', fuck that man, I'm tryin' to get the fuck up out of here, man
(All right, all right, I'm comin'
Damn, shit)
Yo, yo
Yo, hold it, hold it
Whassup, this shit? You know the people's right there? You know those motherfuckers right there?
(No nigga, I don't know, you paranoid)
What the fuck they lookin' at?
I'm sayin' you ain't seen the motherfuckers ridin' past lookin' all at me and shit
(Nigga, you trippin', now you trippin'
Aw, nigga you trippin', let's go, scary-ass nigga you high or somethin', let's keep it moving)
Man, fuck that man, get in the car, man
(Aw, goddamn)
Told you don't fuck around over here and shit
Damn, what the fuck's up with this shit?
(You didn't put no gas in this raggedy motherfucker, goddamn)
I just got a tune-up the other day, man
My shit and all that
(Haha, ain't this a bitch, pined-out Pete?
Let's keep, oh my goodness)
Man, shut the fuck up, let me start my motherfuckin' shit
(Fuck you, nigga, take me)

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