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Murder Ink

This song is by Dr. Dre, features Hittman and Ms. Roq and appears on the album 2001 (1999).

When darkness be closin' in
I motivate, with the howlin wind
With a list of chosen men, frozen in sin
Knowin' that your end is beginnin'
Swift silent and deadly
There's no defending my plots, I know your every movement
For six months I watch, coulda gotchu at your baby's mother's house
Even at your down-low weed spot
But the backdrop, wasn't flattering enough
I didn't want people gathering and stuff
Snapshots of blood splattering from the snuff
Here, puff this here, while I figure which way, to split yo' wig
Right now you as nervous, as a Farmer John pig
As I dig into my tragic bag, take out the HK
Twist on the silencer, insert the thirty-shot mag
Bullet stuck to his brain like a magnet
Skull in fragments, I leave the cleanup to Dragnet

This is anybody (Murderer)
To fuckin' everybody (Murderer)
Nigga all y'all (Murderer)
Uh, uh, for real
You'll fuck around and get killed
This is anybody (Murderer)
Motherfuckin' everybody (Murderer)
Yeah nigga all y'all (Murderer)
Uh, uh, for real
You'll fuck around and get killed

Ms. Roq:
Peeped all the stash drop and exchange of the dough
Lurkin' through the turf, think how I'mma just work
Give 'em chase to the crib and yo he properly laced
Stepped out the car, put my steel, to the side of his face
Murder, this the fuckin' case, rob this nigga and shake
The fuckin' spot 'cause in a few it's gon' be crawlin' with cops
Who's the bad bitch now, you crept on, paid the piper
Who'da thought a sexy bitch could be a murderous sniper
Detrimental to your health, shoulda learned yo' lesson
But it's too late nigga bye-bye, better count yo' blessings
I been watchin' you watchin' me, yeah you ballin'
Was, nigga now you finger fucked and steady fallin'
A thug wit no love, but bitch niggas die fast
Thug niggas die young, oh what you thought you would last?
Blast two shots to the dome, slide back to the pad
And jack my nigga off, til his dick get soft
Resume the wifey boo shit, cause yo my man don't know
That his bitch is straight ill, servin' ass with fo fo

I'm a motherfuckin' (Murderer)
Bitch this is anybody (Murderer)
Yeah nigga all y'all (Murderer)
Uh, uh, for real
You'll fuck around and get killed
I'm a motherfuckin' (Murderer)
Uh bitch, this is anybody (Murderer)
Yeah nigga, all y'all (Murderer)
Uh, uh, for real
You'll fuck around and get killed

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