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Been There Done That

This song is by Dr. Dre and appears on the compilation Dr. Dre Presents... The Aftermath (1996).

I been there - been there
Done that - done that
You got guns? - we got guns...
Yo, I got straps - we got straps...
A million muthafuckas on the planet Earth talk that hard
Bullshit - 'cause it's all they worth...

No question, it's all about the D - O - E
So if money is the root I want the whole damn tree
Ain't tryin' to stock around for the Illuminati
Got to buy my own island by the year 2 G...
Since way back I've been collecting my fee
With the 48-tracks and the M - I - C
Got a palace in the Hills overlooking the sea
It's worth 8, but I only paid 5 point 3
Worldwide, got the triple beam, I slide
Listenin' to yo demo in a stretch limo
It's how I ride - cartel style
Full, stacked to the max now
A million-dollar smile, people wonder how
'Dre Day' every day. Trips to Montigo Bay
With more chips than Frito Lay
Flossed jewels in a tire, ain't nothin' fly
Straight or illegal - it's still the root of all evil...

Young black Rockefeller. Hell, a swiss and mozarella
Pockets sweller, gettin' money like a bank teller
'Cause a fool and his dough soon split
So when you come across a fool get all that she be gettin'
Ladies, get your paper too
Don't expect for no man to support you
Keep it true
'Cause most brothers are raised to decide for the pesos
My woman is independent, makin' dough by the case loads
I'mma keep buildin'... make it killing
Kick back, relax, and grow old with my millions
That's where it's at. You got drama, I got the gat
But we're both black so I don't wanna lay you flat
Instead let's get paper, while it's paper to get
Private Jet, 600 coupes that I runs if...
I'm livin' on another level that y'all ain't been yet
Spend a mill, no sweat, water the line with my wet...

This is for the millionaires
Throw a stack in the air and watch brothers start plottin'
Honeys start to stare
'Cause game is money and money is game
And broke brothers make the 45 flame with no shame
Now many people die over these dead green guys
Ignorance and greed take their ass by surprise
It's the root of all evil and sins
Yet and still it makes the world go around
Like my 20-inch rims...
Moolah y'all
Platinum plaques cover my walls
Grindin', diamonds shinin', and without one flaw
Get the cash, the grass, the ass will bounce
Luciano and all amounts, that's all that counts 'cause...

I been there...
And done that...

Been there, done that...
The Aftermath!

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