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I Run Rap

This song is by Dr. Dooom and appears on the album First Come, First Served (1999).

(Dr. Dooom)
Number one MC in the world, a.k.a. Dr. Dooom
Straight out of solitary
I got the block locked down
Transfer me to conquer in the Pelican Bay
You don't wanna step in my cell
I eat your ass for real
Even veterans go out with tight pants and lipstick

Most rappers flex up, they vexed up, they actin' hard
Attendin Catholic school at mom's house, they soft as lard
They roll in packs, carryin yo-yo's, and balls and jacks
That kid you peeped it, his boys wearin Victoria's Secret
Mean mugs get crushed up, your bra's showin, pickin' dust up
You light your trees up, I'm just the man to skin yo' knees up
Walk behind you, tuck your stomach in, I redesign you
Urgent emergency, your girl is cryin, they can't find you
I move with bowling ball bags, you try to ask for Zig-Zags
You got your panties on with wigs on, y'all playin' tag
Walkin' in tough kid, your girdle's showin, watch your doo-rag
G-strings get touched, watch your skid marks like Starsky and Hutch
Y'all scope erections, while rappers run to different sections
I ride in limos pull your thongs in, from here to Wisconsin
Droppin' this A-bomb make, tough MC's, put on Avon
Eject your wigs in Hunts Point, your pumps in truckers rigs

Chorus: repeat 4X

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