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Girlie Girlie

This song is by Dr. Bombay.

*girlie girlie you're the one i want
i want you in the kitchen
and i want you when i wash
girlie girlie you're the one i need
goody good girls are good for me

cleaning makes no meaning when you look upon the cieling
instead i like to be in bed and sleep until the evening
i have to find a girl who understands the way i feel
you're the one for me

*girlie girlie..

**oh you're so sweet-girlie girlie
baking cookies for me-girlie girlie
oh you're so fine-girlie girlie
goody good girls are good for me.

i've tried to flirt with dirty shirt although my sox are filthy
i have tried to find a girl real fast and i hope she's under thirty
cooking cleaning do the dishes i will make you see
you're the one for me

*girlie girlie ..

**oh you're so..

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