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The L Train To

This song is by Dr. Acula.

These days colors never looked so bright
As when I look at them through shades of night

Go a few cars back, there's a man with a briefcase
Got bags of fun, you've been looking for all night
Trade green for green, just don't look him in the face
A couple bills gotcha feeling alright

As it hits my chest it soothes my soul, oh

(I can't ride)
I saw the red in the eyes of the conductor
I caught the scent and haven't left yet
Out of the tunnel regain visual
I see myself in shades of gray and green

(I can't ride)
From a window where the clouds escape
I felt the air and remembered the taste
Chapped lip and blood shot stares
Everyone is listening but nobody cares

There are no limits on this ride
All aboard the train to the sky


Written by:

Casey Carrano; Jesse Ciappa; Kevin Graffeo; William Graffeo; Tyler Guida; Ricardo Ostolaza; Joey Simpson

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