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(Welcome To The) Social Event Of The Century

This song is by Dr. Acula.

We forged the battlefield, contempt and confusion
Attack the lead streamlined straight for the bar
The crowd goes numb as the lights hit the curtain
Just one more bump blast off, hit the mic and we're gone

We dance on edge of the nuclear fallout
Prey on the night with its endless intent
We're so far up, get up, wake the fuck up
The party will not stop until we're fucking dead
Fucking dead

The last time we rolled through, we conquered
We rose the dead and upturned these cities lights
We stay high, blunts bitches and booze
You don't hate us, you just want our lives
You just want our lives

Smoke weed all day, oh


Written by:

Casey Carrano; Jesse Ciappa; Kevin Graffeo; William Graffeo; Tyler Guida; Ricardo Ostolaza; Joey Simpson

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