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​Born A Legend

This song is by Dozer.

In need of information*
I have heard that you have more than what you need
So you better be tempted to give away
So you better be ready to lead the way...
Deny the accusation
'Cause you'll never have the courage to carry on
No you will not ever feed them with the bait
No you will not ever teach them how to hate...

If I find you,
You will never buy the time...
Cause the hour's getting late and you are getting left behind...
Too late for you,
So you better realize...
You were born a legend. Well, but it's over now...

This constant degradation
We can see it in the corner of your eyes
Make me wonder why you judge me by my size
Makes me wonder why you look so damn surprised
I'm in need of information
I need more then you can give
So what you give to me is vital
But what you give to me is sick...