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This song is by downhere and appears on the album So Much For Substitutes (2003).

Illiad, tragedy, miseries all subtracted
A chosen one, I'm a Father's son
I'm the one You attracted

For this lame world
Where the blame grows
You died upon it to redeem it
I believe it
I recieve it
So forever, You'll inhabit me

You wouldn't walk out on this tragedy
Never give up on Your Iliad
You suffered for the victory
Cause its always been Your labor of love


When the story of love began
From the starting until the end
The Hero wins
Come tomorrow, no one knows
But when everything unfolds
The Hero wins

For this lame world
Where the blame grows
You died upon it too redeem it


When the story of love

I believe it

Walk out

Never walk out

Story of truth

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