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Exhibit of the Year

This song is by Down To Earth Approach and appears on the compilation Warped Tour 2004 Tour Compilation (2004) and on the album Another Intervention (2004).

Where you when I said "You remind me of a portrait in a dream"?
So I'll say, "Cry, but your watercolors fade
This ain't science baby, it's called creativity"
If I move my hands right
If I move my hands right would you see yourself disappear?
I wash my filthy hands off
As your watercolors stain my fingers red and black
So, take my brushes off your portrait of a face
'Cause I will paint your smile into obscurity
Fill lips with black lines
Darken your smile
Layer paint upon paint until the words dry dead
Deep in your mouth, a desert's dry air
Layer pain upon paint like you were never there
Would you see yourself disappear
Like you were never there?

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