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Punk As Fuck

This song is by Down by Law and appears on the album Punkrockacademyfightsong (1994).

Lookout for your chances to try to get away
When voices scream inside your head
Just turn your amp up all the way
All the lights are black lights except when they turn gray
I flicked the switch, I made my choice
I'm gonna change it all today
'Cause I know that I can take them on
Want to find a way out, just get me out of here
Climbing to the next rung, well this is my wonder year
Burning up inside in my body and my mind
After all this work I've decided this is my time
'Cause I know that I can take them on
And I'm not sorry that its done
And I'm not sorry that I won
Now I've cried my last tear
Cause this is my freaking year

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