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Stone the Crow

This song is by Down and appears on the album Nola (1995).

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Stone the Crow
A bout of deep depression
Can't seem to move it forward
My lying eyes lie awake
Not sure what I am after

I never died before
Can't help what happened yesterday
I never stoned the crow, no

Flit through endless stories
A lifetime of hand-written pain
No one can share this hurt that is mine, mine, mine

I never died before
Can't be what happened yesterday
I shouldn't stone the crow, no
Ride on!

Same old city (same old city)
Same old shame
No matter how I try, no matter what I say
I'm blamed, I'm shamed, I'm judged unfairly

So now I've died before
It feels as bad as yesterday
I never stoned the crow, no

You too have died before
I fought as hard as yesterday
I never stoned the crow
Stoned the crow, no, no



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