Dover Drive:Never Ending Hoilday Lyrics

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Never Ending Hoilday

This song is by Dover Drive.

Seem's theres always something to be done
But at the same time, there's nothing to do
Bored out of my mind and yet procrastinating like I have no life
Maybe I don't
Do I do those things
There's just no point,
But that's beside the point that i'm just lazy
Don't I do those things
That seems to have a point,
That are pointless to avoid
Slacker is my true name when it comes to getting my work done
But i'm not done having my fun
People on my case day and night, but it's my fault, and that's not right
That's not right...why fight?
Always on a never-ending hoilday
My life is a never-ending hoilday
I don't work and I just play
But now I found, to my dismay,
There's nothing as a never-ending hoilday

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