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Let's Rock

This song is by Dover Drive.

Straight from the garage to the show
And soon enough to your stereo
We're just those kids who like to rock
Fresh out of school, we broke the rules
Played anywhere it's cool
So come on out you kids who like to rock

There's just no way we can't have fun
Or at least not until we're done
And we're so self-assured cuz
We know where it comes from

Hanging out with friends in the hood
You know we're always up to no good
So one day we decided to rock
Practiced day and night, get it right
But never without a fight, once or twice
We hit the streets so we could rock

Now we're here to rock for you
And we know who we owe it all to
So come on out you kids who like to rock
Cuz we're just those kids who like to rock

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